Comics Against Cancer aims to support the fight against this terrible disease through the production of live stand-up comedy

shows and other related events that will assist pre-existing cancer charities in their efforts to raise funds.


Behind The Mission

Comics Against Cancer was founded by comedian Steve Burr in 2009 as a way to honor the memory of his mother, Ruth Burr who passed away from cancer seven years earlier.  His goal is to help others deal with the same life-changing diagnosis she did with the best medicine available -laughter- while simultaneously helping raise funds for established organizations at the frontline of the battle against this disease.


Drawing on the relationships he has developed over his eighteen-year career as an internationally touring performer, Steve

tackles this mission by assembling some of the brightest and funniest comedians in the business today to produce live stand-

up comedy shows jam-packed with laughter from start to finish.


With proceeds raised through these events going directly to the fight against cancer, CAC helps by providing a unique fundraiser that also gives those whose lives have been affected by cancer a meaningful night of laughter and smiles, allowing them to temporarily lay their concerns aside which helps promote healing both physically and emotionally.

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